The Definitive Guide to Open Graph

Content is king. However, without social-media sharing and distribution channels that facilitate sharing, even the best content will fail to get noticed.

If you want to maximize your reach on social media platforms then your first port of call should be to optimize how posts look when shared, and you do this via Open Graph tags.

301 vs 302 redirects: which is better for SEO

Since 301 and 302 redirects are so similar in their function, it is not uncommon to get confused between the two.

However, this guide will help you navigate these two options and choose the right one for your website. So let’s get right at it.

Hexometer Quick start guide – SEO monitoring

Search engines are constantly checking your website for changes and it only takes one problematic code update to sabotage your search rankings.

Whilst our Health monitoring keeps a close eye on your website structure, page errors and broken links. Our SEO section analyses your on-page SEO for optimal rankings.

In this tutorial we will walk you through how Hexometer continually monitors your website for SEO issues and improvement opportunities to catch problems before they affect your organic traffic.

Hexometer Quick start guide – Health monitoring

Every day your website can face a wide range of threats: Website updates, server configuration changes, out of date URLs or 3rd party plugins and services can cause broken links, missing images or errors on your website.

In this tutorial we will walk you through how Hexometer provides peace of mind by comprehensively monitoring your entire website for health issues.

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