Hexometer Changelog

Follow our latest Hexometer product and development updates.

2.31 – 23rd September 2022

  • Improvement: Behind-the-scene improvements are made to make the crawler faster, catch more issues and provide rock solid performance.

2.30 – 12th May 2022

  • New feature: PayPal is supported as a payment option across Hexomatic, Hexowatch and Hexometer.

2.29 – 21st January 2021

  • New feature: Upgraded Hexometer to support two-factor authentication (2FA) via email or the Google Authenticator app!

2.29 – 20th December 2021

  • Improvement: A redesigned dashboard with website health metrics
    A redesigned issues and tasks section
    WCAG 2.1 Accessibility checks
    Smart crawler improvements for better coverage.

2.28 – 22nd August 2021

  • New feature: Rolled out a new feature enabling you to install dedicated browser apps.

2.27 – 19th August 2021

  • Improvement: Better scheduling and load balancing which should improve performance and reliability for our crawler, all our different checks and agency growth tools.

2.26 – 14th July 2021

  • New feature: Hexometer API enabling you to integrate our data in your systems, slicing and dicing the data as needed or even creating your own whitelabeled wrapper for our data. You can now use our API to get access to current data for: Performance UX Health SEO Security

2.25 – 24th June 2021

  • Improvement: notifications work across the board and now provide more actionable data in the Slack, Telegram, Webhooks and email alerts. Making it easier to pinpoint issues

2.24 – 29th May 2021

  • New feature: User agent option added to Agency growth tools: you can now choose to display or hide the user agent when creating prospecting reports.
    New feature: Live JS error notifications  so you can fix issues as soon as problems are detected.
    New feature: Live security header notifications alerting you when sub-optimal security headers are detected.

2.23 – 15th May 2021

  • New feature: IP blacklisting notifications & added more IP blacklist sources and now provide notification alerts as soon as we detect that any of your IP addresses have been blacklisted.
    Improvement: Core checks improvements to speed up and improve the success rate of our checks.

2.22 – 6th May 2021

  • New feature: Specify your own XML sitemap in the Hexometer settings, this is ideal for cases when Hexometer is not able to detect it automatically.
    Improvement: We now display the prospects Hexometer score and radar chart for availability, user experience, performance, health, seo and security on the cover page and pdf reports which provides a quick at a glance heads up of issues.

2.21 – 27th April 2021

  • New feature: Discord notification integration
  • Improvement: We made some improvement to our spellchecker UI, making it easier and faster for you to identify spelling or grammar mistakes as well as whitelist terms.

2.20 – 20th April 2021

  • New feature: Get alerts when page speed performance drops: With our latest update you can now get notified as soon as significant changes are detected to time to first byte (TTFB), first contentful paint (FCP), largest contentful paint (LCP) or time to interactive.

2.19 – 12th April 2021

  • New feature: Dark Mode UI option

2.18 – 8th April 2021

  • Improvement: Optimised on-demand checks feature for the performance, user-experience, W3C and JS error sections. You can now easily perform one time checks on any of your pages or schedule these (based on your monitoring schedule settings).
  • Improvement: On-demand check UI now provides the ability to search and select one or more pages to check or schedule at the same time.
  • UI improvements reducing the amount of clicks needed to get to the last reports in each sub section. 

2.17 – 30th March 2021

  • Improvement: New white-labeled agency prospecting pdf reports now landscape with better formatting
  • New feature: Bulk create prospect pdf reports
  • New feature: Automatically create cover page for prospect reports
  • Improvement: CSV/Google sheet prospect export now includes pdf and cover page urls you can use in your outbound prospecting apps

2.16 – 19th March 2021

  • White-labeled agency prospecting pdf reports export now live
  • Customize the intro text, logo and footer text you want to use by default in your pdf reports
  • Add a list of domains in bulk you want to get in touch with
  • Select which report sections to include (including availability, performance, user experience, health, seo and security)
  • Bulk create beautiful pdf reports for each prospect or personalize each report individually.
  • Hexometer can now automatically generate a google sheet / csv with top level metrics for each prospect you can use in your outbound prospecting.

2.15 – 11th March 2021

  • Feature improvement: SEO section of our Agency Growth Tools prospecting report which now includes 12 additional checks.
    These include assessing: Content length, Meta titles, Charset and doctype, Validating the robots.txt, Checking for unique H1-H3 headers, Img alt tags and checking for missing Google Analytics tags.

2.14 – 25th February 2021

  • Feature improvement: Improved spellcheck and grammar reports which now list all the mistakes along with suggested fixes and hints to understand the correction.
  • Feature improvement: Health monitoring now shows crawler progress and we now send broken links email alerts showing problematic URLs so you can fix issues faster.
  • Feature improvement: For our Agency plan holders, our agency growth tools prospect report now has the ability to customize which sections to include in the report, for example, you can display all sections, or pick and mix from availability, user experience, performance, health, SEO or security.

2.13 – 18th February 2021

  • Feature improvement: SEO section added to Agency Growth Tools prospect reports including Google desktop/mobile SERP previews, Facebook & Twitter card previews as well as Opengraph checks
  • Feature improvement: URL checks added to the to the Health section of the Agency Growth Tools prospect reports showing the breakdown of different link statuses found
  • Feature improvement: Added more metrics to the Agency Growth Tools prospect Google Sheets / CSV export to help personalize outreach at scale.

2.12 – 11th February 2021

  • Feature improvement: More checks added to the Agency Growth Tools prospect reports including W3C, JS errors and tech stack analysis from our Health monitoring.
  • New feature: Added the ability to export your list of prospects and their top-level scores to Google Sheets or CSV.

2.11 – 3rd February 2021

  •  New feature: Agency Growth Tools beta launched for our Agency plans, this includes Avalability, Performance and Security insights reporting for prospect reports.

2.10 – 26th January 2021

  •  Further improvements to our performance monitoring and we now have a chart so you can track Time to first byte (TTFB), First Contentful Paint, Largest contentful paint (LCP) and Time to interactive through time on a per-page basis.
  • Better issue notifications: You can now choose when to be alerted when issues occur by choosing whether you want to receive all notifications, only critical notifications or disable notifications.

2.9 – 18th January 2021

  • UI Improvement: We have rolled out a brand new performance detail page packed with redesigned widgets, insightful metrics, and suggestions to help improve page speed performance.
  • Usability Improvement: You can now specify URLs or parameters you want Hexometer to ignore, this is useful for URLs with dynamic elements you don’t necessarily want to check like “add to cart” URLs, iframe embeds, shopping cart pages, etc…
  • Usability Improvement: By default, Hexometer checks and suggests all the Open Graph and Twitter card options relevant to your pages. These are optional, and you can now choose whether you want Hexometer to check for these or which specific parameters you want Hexometer to ignore based on your requirements.
  • New feature: Uptime monitors now have CSV and Google Sheets export functionality.

2.8 – 11th January 2021

  • Expanded Hexometer’s spelling and grammar checks to now work across 31 different languages including German, Spanish, French, Russian and many more
  • New feature: Browser notifications alerts
  • Crawler speed settings to minimize the server usage for those with shared hosting plans.

2.7 – 21st December 2020

  • New feature: Advanced uptime monitor with keyword support designed to catch issues traditional uptime monitoring solutions just can’t see

2.6 – 16th December 2020

  • New feature: Custom Monitoring schedules (works across our performance, user experience, health, SEO and security sections enabling you to fine-tune how you want Hexometer to check pages. You can choose daily, weekly (choosing the day of the week), smart checks (based on recency and importance), or monthly checks for the ultimate convenience.)
  • Bug fixes

2.5 – 10th December 2020

  • Hexowatch public website redesign based on new UI and design language

2.4 – 9th December 2020

  • Bug fixes released post launch
  • Dashboard widgets now update daily
  • Top level dashboards for each sub section (availability, performance, user experience, health, seo and security)
  • New feature: On-demand reports now available to check any of your website’s pages to troubleshoot and assess performance, spellcheck & grammar, UX device rendering issues, W3C issues and JS errors.
  • New feature: download pdf reports for our spelling and grammar reports
  • New feature: Embed a public status page on your website for every standard monitor in your Hexometer account

2.3 – 5th December 2020

  • More bug fixes found post launch

2.2 – 4th December 2020

  • Hexometer affiliate program launched in partnership with Impact

2.1 – 29th December 2020

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

2.0 – 26th November 2020

  • Version 2.0 launched featuring a complete redesign of the Hexometer app, new features and plans
  • New Hexometer dashboard providing a unified H score across availability, performance, user experience, health, seo and security vectors
  • Improved: Availability section enabling users to deploy standalone uptime monitors for any page or service
  • Improved: Performance section enabling users to monitor the performance of their website using Google web vitals
  • New feature: User experience section enabling users to monitor their website  for spelling and grammar mistakes
  • New feature: User experience section enabling users to monitor their website for display issues across 7 different device types
  • Improved: Health section enabling users to to monitor their website  for server errors, JS errors, W3C issues, broken links, images and assets
  • Improved: SEO section enabling users to monitor their website for SEO issues
  • Improved: Security section enabling users to monitor their domain for security issues

1.33 – 9th October 2020

  • New feature: Integrately integration

1.32 – 9th October 2020

  • New feature: Integrately integration

1.31 – 7th September 2020

  • New feature: Standalone uptime monitors. You can now create additional monitors to keep an eye on your most important services including your email server, CDN, SFTP, API endpoints, important landing pages and just about any service with an HTTP / HTTPS endpoint.
  • Improved page speed performance section which now tracks page loading performance for both desktop and mobile devices with insights for both.

1.30 – 27th August 2020

  • Improved search performance report with journal notes

1.30 – 27th August 2020

  • Improved search performance report with journal notes
  • New feature: specify a different email address to receive alerts

1.29 – 20th August 2020

  • New feature: Save notes in your alert feed to keep a journal of changes which then appear in your alert chart. This helps track fixes, changes or optimizations and correlating these to website health metrics.

1.28 – 7th August 2020

  • Rewrote our uptime monitoring engine using a more scalable tech stack to support our growth
  • Improved uptime monitoring engine which is now faster and more accurate, helping minimize false alerts.
  • New feature: Business and premium accounts can now select between US/EU/Asia locations for our uptime checks
  • New feature: User selectable uptime check frequency interval from 1,5,10 or 15 minutes (1 minute intervals are available on business and above plans)
  • New feature: Pause uptime monitoring option for planned maintenance
  • New feature: Webhooks version 1.0 launched
  • New feature: Pabbly Connect integration

1.28 – 21st July 2020

  • Improved crawler preference settings, so that you can have more control over the intensity of our crawler
  • Improved reporting of 430, 403, 401 or 202 error codes, these are now filtered out by default, and you can re-enable these notifications in your preferences if you need these alerts.
  • Improved dashboard pdf summary report has been upgraded and now features more actionable data-points and insights.

1.27 – 9th June 2020

  • New feature: Added metrics to progress journal including website health metrics in the context of google search console data. Uptime, broken links, SEO, tech stack and general monitoring alerts will now appear alongside your Google search console charts.

1.26 – 9th June 2020

  • New feature: Added metrics to progress journal including website health metrics in the context of google search console data. Uptime, broken links, SEO, tech stack and general monitoring alerts will now appear alongside your Google search console charts.
  • Improved performance section which provides Google Pagespeed Insights recommendations and best practices
  • improved UI and added the option to select multiple issues or tasks to ignore, making it easier to bulk ignore alerts.

1.25 – 9th June 2020

  • Improved crawler technology stack
  • We reached the 7000 monitored clients milestone and now crawl over 12,000,000 pages a day

1.24 – 3rd June 2020

  • New feature: Google page speed insights for performance monitoring to analyze web page performance, accessibility, SEO crawl-ability and PWA validation
  • Increased number of additional IP’s you can monitor for blacklisting across all plans

1.23 – 26th May 2020

  • New feature: Google search console integration
  • New feature: Track Google search term impressions, avg rankings, and CTR performance metrics
  • New feature: Zapier integration to connect Hexometer to 1000’s of apps

1.22 – 20th May 2020

  • New feature: Tech stack monitoring to detect when scripts or 3rd party services go missing
  • New feature: Malicious URL scanning (homepage level) to detect potential malware
  • Improved security headers monitoring with more advanced HTTP security header checks
  • Export SEO meta tag report in CSV, PDF or Google sheets

1.21 – 12th May 2020

  • New feature: Google sheet integration
  • Export broken links report in CSV, PDF or Google sheets
  • Export SEO meta tag report in CSV, PDF or Google sheets

1.20 – 5th May 2020

  • New feature: Mobile friendly check with best practice recommendations
  • Tech stack library updated
  • Dashboard UI, notification triggers and performance improvements

1.19 – 28th April 2020

  • New feature: Customize crawler schedule and intensity
  • New feature: Security headers monitoring
  • New feature: Open graph and twitter card checks

1.18 – 14th April 2020

  • New feature: Multi user view only access of reports
  • New feature: sitemap generator

1.17 – 14th April 2020

  • Dashboard and reports performance & UI improvements
  • Improved page speed monitoring with additional data and recommendations

1.16 – 7th April 2020

  • New feature: Javascript error monitoring
  • Dashboard UI and performance improvements
  • Google chrome extension updated to now check tech stack, page assets and whois data

1.15 – 24th March 2020

  • New feature: Links and meta tags report export as pdf report
  • New feature: Links and meta tags report export as csv report
  • Tasks and dashboard UI updates

1.14 – 17th March 2020

  • New feature: IP address blacklist check
  • New multi-property dashboard UI

1.13 – 10th March 2020

  • New feature: Summarized website top level pdf report
  • Dashboard UI updates
  • Bug fixes & performance optimizations

1.12 – 3rd March 2020

  • New: Telegram Integration
  • Graphs added to page speed monitoring
  • UI upgrades & fixes

1.11 – 25th February 2020

  • New feature: Page speed monitoring

1.10 – 18th February 2020

  • New: Slack integration
  • New:Trello integration

1.9 – 19th November 2019

  • Rolled out more website checks now totalling over 2800 data points
  • 19.8 million links analyzed so far
  • 2.3 million errors detected this year
  • 5.2 million scans initiated covering 4.8 million domains

1.8 – 22nd October 2019

  • Website improvements

1.7 – 22nd October 2019

  • New feature: Hexometer WordPress broken links & self repair plugin launched

1.6 – 27th November 2019

  • New feature: Automated task system based on issues found and fixed

1.5 – 22nd October 2019

  • Website redesign went live
  • Created 5 new free tools to analyze your website
  • Rolled out 243 new website check parameters

1.4 – 10th July 2019

  • Improvements in website scoring

1.3 – 6th May 2019

  • Launched chrome extension to analyze websites
  • We are honoured to have been voted  #1 product of the day at Product Hunt

1.2 – 6th May 2019

  • Launched chrome extension to analyze websites
  • We are honoured to have been voted  #1 product of the day at Product Hunt

1.1 – 18th April 2019

  • W3C improvements

1.0 – 26th March 2019

  • Public launch of Hexometer
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