The Whois service allows you to gather information about a domain name. When you enter a domain name into the Domain Whois Lookup Service tool search bar, data from the Whois record is returned on a page displaying the current profile of the domain name. Currently, we have more than 1600 TLD in our API to request Domain Whois data from providers and this number varies due to different factors.

Records can contain information about the registrar, the domain's name server, the dates of registration and expiration, as well as, contact information about the owner of the domain name.

Enter a domain name in the search bar above and the parsed information about age, creation, update, and expiry date will be generated in a user-friendly format, besides whole Whois raw data and the DNS Records.

All results shown are captured from registries and/or registrars and are framed in real-time (each TLD owner controls which data is displayed in Whois record). These results are shown for the sole purpose of assisting you in obtaining information about domain name records and for no other purpose.
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