What is uptime monitoring?

The internet is fragile and downtime can affect websites of all sizes, from Google and Amazon, to independent eCommerce sites. The goal of every website owner is to keep uptime as high as possible and detect issues as fast as possible to minimize the cost of downtime.

Uptime monitoring keeps a close eye on your website or landing pages for page response time and downtime.

Our free website uptime monitoring service checks your URL every five minutes notifying you via email when problems occur so you can fix issues before they affect your business.

Uptime monitoring is ideal to check any URL, email server, DNS, CDN, SMTP, POP3, RADIUS or 3rd party service for downtime.

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Need more comprehensive checks?

Hexometer provides comprehensive 24/7, sitewide monitoring to catch availability, performance, user experience, SEO, health and security problems before they affect your customers.