How to harden your website security with HTTP security headers

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In one of our last articles, we saw how to secure WordPress websites with HTTP security headers. In this one, we will take a look at how we can do the same for websites that use Apache or Cloudflare servers. We will be going to the implementation directly as we have already taken a good look at these headers before. If you want to read more about what these headers mean and why they need to be present, please check out our previous article here.

How to secure your website with HTTP security headers in WordPress

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If there is one thing that is of utmost importance to your website, apart from SEO, it is undoubtedly security. HTTP security headers provide an additional layer of security against common vulnerabilities. Through a series of articles, we are aiming to show you how you can implement HTTP security headers for your WordPress website. In this article, we will take a look at the headers themselves and how you can implement them in WordPress through a plugin.

Hexometer Quick start guide – SEO monitoring

Search engines are constantly checking your website for changes and it only takes one problematic code update to sabotage your search rankings.

Whilst our Health monitoring keeps a close eye on your website structure, page errors and broken links. Our SEO section analyses your on-page SEO for optimal rankings.

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Hexometer Quick start guide – Health monitoring

Every day your website can face a wide range of threats: Website updates, server configuration changes, out of date URLs or 3rd party plugins and services can cause broken links, missing images or errors on your website.

In this tutorial we will walk you through how Hexometer provides peace of mind by comprehensively monitoring your entire website for health issues.

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