Month: March 2021

How to protect your website from malware – Security guide

According to Sophos labs, 30,000 websites on average are hacked every single day with malware, trojans and viruses.

Malware can cause loss of data, expose your sensitive customer information, affect your visitors and can even cause physical damage to systems.

We have gathered an outline for you to help you understand what malware is and how it can not just attack your systems but affect them in the worst possible way.

In this guide, we will also talk about some of the ways you can use it to protect yourself and your business and what to do if you face a malware attack.

So let’s get right into the details and start!

The Definitive Guide to Open Graph

Content is king. However, without social-media sharing and distribution channels that facilitate sharing, even the best content will fail to get noticed.

If you want to maximize your reach on social media platforms then your first port of call should be to optimize how posts look when shared, and you do this via Open Graph tags.

301 vs 302 redirects: which is better for SEO

Since 301 and 302 redirects are so similar in their function, it is not uncommon to get confused between the two.

However, this guide will help you navigate these two options and choose the right one for your website. So let’s get right at it.

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