Telegram Integration

Just released the Telegram Integration. Now you can receive notifications much faster and be sure that you will receive them. Here is why the Telegram notifications are better than emails or SMS:

  1. If your email hosted on the same server where hosted your website and it goes down – you will not receive an email.
  2. If on your cellphone mobile connections are turned off or you’re in another country (without roaming) – you will not receive SMS.
  3. Mobile operators have delays in SMS sending. Sometimes it can take from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

With Telegram, you will receive a notification immediately. So how to connect Telegram and Hexometer accounts?

Step 1: Go to the Hexometer Dashboard 

Step 2: Select the monitoring property and go to the setting page

Step 3: Click connect with Telegram

Telegram Integration
Pic 1. Telegram Integration

Important note: You can activate this feature with mobile view of Hexometer on your cellphone browser or you have to install the Telegram application on your PC/Laptop.

For more information visit:

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