Page Speed Monitoring Tool

Just released Page Speed Monitoring feature. This tool is one of the main instruments for web-developers, SEO specialists and website owners to measure the page loading speed. Page loading speed is playing a huge role in your visitors bounce rate and Search Engine ranking.

More than 60% of visitors will never wait for more than 5 seconds. Nowadays 47% of visitors expect that site loading must be finished in 2 seconds. If the website loads too long – your visitors start to think that your website is lagging and gives them negative thoughts.

Search Engines give high ranks to websites that need less time for loading. If your website loads slow – you need to optimize it. But for the correct optimization process, you need to know your correct threads.  

Hexometer measures your website, providing you reports and keep your data for drawing graphs for a convenient understanding of the status. The report includes the following:

  1. First Contentful Paint,
  2. First Meaningful Paint,
  3. Speed index,
  4. Time to Interactive,
  5. First CPU Idle,
  6. Max Potential First Input Delay,
  7. Estimated Input Latency,
  8. Eliminate render-blocking resources,
  9. Server response time is low (TTFB),
  10. Avoid multiple page redirects,
  11. Preload key requests,
  12. Javascript execution time,
  13. Minimizes main-thread work,
  14. Network Round Trip Times,
  15. Server Backend Latencies.
Page Speed Monitoring Tool
Pic 1. Page Speed Monitoring Test in Free Mode

You can check your website speed and find more information about Page Speed Monitor on:

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