Hexometer Updates – Access all our checks data via API

New API in Hexometer

In the last months we have received a lot of requests to expand our API features so you can get more data from your monitored websites via our API.

So for the last weeks our developers have been working behind the scenes creating API endpoints for most of our checks within Hexometer!  

This opens up a lot of use cases to integrate our data in your systems, slicing and dicing the data as needed or even creating your own whitelabeled wrapper for our data. 🔥🔥🔥

You can now use our API to get access to current data for:


For example you can get the current DNS / 404 broken links / errors / security issues / page speed metrics / JS errors and many more for a property in structured format. ⚡

👉 You can find the documentation for our API here: https://hexometer.com/api-documentation/

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