Hexometer new feature spotlight: Zapier & Google Search Console Integration

Zapier Google search console integration

Today we launched two exciting new features to Hexometer!

The first is Zapier integration, which has just passed integration testing with the Zapier team and should be available for all our paid plans in the next few days. By connecting your Hexometer account to Zapier you will be able to get real time alerts sent to your favourite apps (Zapier currently supports over 2000 different applications, so the opportunities are endless!).

Our second feature is the much requested Google Search Console integration. By connecting your Google Search Console account in Hexometer you will be able to view your Google search rankings as well as search engine result performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, TR for search queries and pages.

Lastly, we also improved the page load performance of Hexometer’s dashboard and reports so these should now load faster than before.


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