Hexometer new feature spotlight: Improving page speed insights, additional IP blacklists & performance improvements

With over 60% of internet traffic originating from a mobile device it is becoming increasingly important to ensure your website provides an exceptional experience on mobile devices, not just on desktops with large screens and fast internet connections.

This week our development team improved our page speed monitor, which now provides additional aggregated scores in your dashboard to assess and improve web page performance, accessibility, SEO crawlability and PWA validation if you have a progressive web app.

We have also increased the amount of server IP addresses you can monitor with our email server blacklist checker. The business plan can now monitor two additional IP’s and the premium plan five additional IP’s.

Lastly, we have made more performance tweaks to our front-end and back-end systems to provide you with faster updates.

Thanks for your custom, on behalf of the whole Hexometer team we wish you a great week ahead!

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