Hexometer new feature spotlight: Crawler & Uptime improvements

Whilst our core development team is working on the big uptime monitoring upgrade coming in the next few weeks, we have just released some much requested improvements this week on the Hexometer platform.

First off, we added more options to our crawler preference settings, so that you can have more control over the intensity of our crawler (which is ideal for smaller sites with less powerful or shared hosting). We also now have a stop button in case you need to pause or stop the crawl process at any time.

Next some of our users did not want to receive notifications for 430, 403, 401 or 202 error codes, these are now filtered out by default, and you can re-enable these notifications in your preferences if you need these alerts.

Lastly, our dashboard pdf summary report has been upgraded and now features more actionable data-points and insights.

Have a great week ahead!

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