Hexometer new feature spotlight: We now support 30 new languages + browser notifications fixes & improvements

Do you deal with international websites? If so you will love this… Hexometer’s spelling and grammar checks now work across 31 different languages including German, Spanish, French, Russian and many more  🎉

But that’s not all, starting from today you can now receive Hexometer alerts via browser notifications in real-time when we detect issues.

To get started, simply check the “Integrations” on the Settings page and click “Connect” in front of Browser Notifications then accept the browser notification prompt. As soon as a change is detected a little notification pop-up will appear in your browser so you can take action without clogging up your emails. 

Browser notifications work on a per property basis, and once you authorize notifications in the settings thefirst time, you’ll just need to enable it on any other properties you want to get alerts from.

Lastly, we made improvements to our crawler speed settings to minimize the server usage for those with shared hosting plans.

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