Improved SEO analysis inside the Hexometer agency growth tools reports

Improved SEO analysis with Hexometer

This week our team has been busy improving the SEO section of the Hexometer Agency Growth Tools prospecting report which now includes 12 additional checks.

These include assessing:

  • Content length
  • Meta titles
  • Charset and doctype
  • Validating the robots.txt
  • Checking for unique H1-H3 headers
  • Img alt tags
  • Checking for missing Google Analytics tags

Our prospecting report now features over 65 different datapoint checks across availability, performance, user experience, health, SEO and security to help you spot potential issues and improvement opportunities with just one click!

Catch website problems before they affect your customers

Every day your website can face an increasing range of threats. Server problems, slow landing pages, broken links, frustrating mobile experiences, embarrassing spelling mistakes, changing SEO rules, 3rd party services breaking, or security issues that put your business at risk. 

Hexometer is like having your own QA team, monitoring your entire website 24/7 for availability, performance, user experience, SEO, health and security problems so you can focus on your business. Now that’s peace of mind

Get started in minutes – no software, proxies, or programming required

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