Hexometer new feature spotlight: Javascript error monitoring

Javascrypt error monitoring

Today the average website uses a wide range of different plugins, javascript libraries, and tracking codes. The problem is not all scripts play nicely with each other, and a recent update or browser upgrade could cause compatibility issues or worse has the potential to break key functionality on your website, such as your shopping cart or checkout page.

Unlike standard page errors, javascript errors can remain hidden from sight as you need to have your browser’s javascript error console open when viewing pages. Plus to make matters worse, some javascript error can be page specific making them notoriously difficult to spot.

The good news is that our team recently launched one of the most user requested features; Javascript error monitoring! 

In addition to our current uptime, health and performance checks, Hexometer now also monitors for Javascript errors, letting you know when something breaks.

You can now find it in your dashboard and in the Javascript monitoring report across all our paid plans.

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