First impressions in eCommerce matter. It’s the difference between a bounce or a lifelong customer and product ambassador.

Every day your website can face an increasing range of threats. Server problems, slow landing pages, broken links, frustrating mobile experiences, embarrassing spelling mistakes, changing SEO rules, 3rd party services breaking, or security issues that put your business at risk.

To make matters worse, these issues can linger unnoticed, wasting your ad-budget and costing your business lost sales.

Hexometer helps you deliver a first class shopping experience by continuously monitoring what others can’t, so you can catch problems before they affect your customers.


Monitor your entire website, not just the homepage

Go beyond traditional uptime monitoring. Hexometer provides 24/7 peace of mind by continuously monitoring your entire website for issues.

Hexometer is like having your very own QA team, continuously monitoring your website across six core areas to catch downtime, slow pages, spelling or grammar mistakes, visual bugs across different device types, broken links, server or JS errors, SEO problems and security issues.

To make matters worse, these issues can linger unnoticed, wasting your ad-budget and costing your business lost sales.

Track your progress and get real-time notifications when issues are detected via email, Slack, Telegram, Discord & Trello.

Designed for eCommerce
Get started in minutes, not days

Hexometer works in the cloud and you can get started in minutes to get comprehensive, sitewide, peace of mind. No software to install, or code changes required.

Sign up, enter your domain name and Hexometer starts monitoring your website 24/7.

AI sidekick to protect and grow eCommerce business

Synthetic monitoring to bulletproof your business

Standard monitors - uptime monitoring for any URL

Every minute counts when ad campaigns are running. With Hexometer you can deploy standard availability monitors on all your key landing pages to catch downtime and track HTTP response times down to every 60 seconds.

Standard monitors are ideal to keep a close eye on important landing pages, email servers, CDN, DNS, SFTP, RADIUS, POP3, IMAP and 3rd party services for downtime.

standard monitor
Uptime and Error monitoring

Advanced uptime monitors with keyword support to catch
page level errors

Traditional uptime monitoring relies on HTTP response codes to detect downtime. With keyword based uptime monitoring you can check for the presence or absence of keywords on page to validate your uptime checks. This is ideal to catch errors or caching issues that would otherwise not be detected.

advanced monitoring

User experience monitoring to catch embarrassing issues before
they affect your brand

First impressions matter, a lot. If your visitors encounter spelling mistakes or visual bugs their first visit might be their last.

Hexometer continuously monitors your website for UX issues including: Spelling, grammar as well as display rendering issues across different device types to ensure your pages display as intended.

Troubleshoot UX issues by performing on-demand user experience and monitor your progress through time.

user experience monitoring

Performance monitoring to spot slow loading pages before
they affect your conversion rate

According to Google, If your pages take longer than a few seconds to load you’re potentially losing nine out of ten visitors, right out of the gate.

Hexometer continuously monitors your website for performance issues across desktop and mobile devices.

- Check how pages display on up to 7 different device types
- Analyze website performance on desktop and mobile devices
- Monitor page load speed
- Get actionable insights to fix performance issues

Troubleshoot performance issues by performing on-demand performance audits featuring Google Web Vitals on any page and monitor your progress through time.

Performance monitoring & optimisations

Health monitoring to detect deal breaking errors, broken links and missing images

Website updates gone wrong, server issues or 3rd party services experiencing problems are like kryptonite for your business. Causing pages, links, images or key functionality such as your shopping cart not to work.

Hexometer continuously monitors your website for broken links, server errors, JS errors, missing images or problematic scripts that can sabotage your business.

Troubleshoot issues by performing on-demand page audits to uncover JS errors, W3C issues, server errors. Monitor your progress through time and get detailed debugging information to pinpoint or fix problems.

Broken link, server error and JS bug monitoring

SEO monitoring to improve and protect your search engine traffic

Hexometer continuously monitors your website for SEO issues that can impact your search engine performance highlighting problems and opportunities.

Hexometer keeps an eye on a wide range of factors including:

- Title and description meta tags
- Duplicate content issues
- Broken links
- Robots.txt
- Indexing issues
- Header Structure
- Sitemap issues
- Open Graph optimizations

Hexometer integrates with Google Search Console to provide page performance metrics and ranking metrics.

Troubleshoot SEO issues by performing on-demand performance audits and monitor your progress through time.

SEO Optimisation

Security Monitoring to support your eCommerce business against cyber threats

Did you know that over thirty thousand websites are infected by some type of malware daily? Security issues can cause downtime, loss of reputation, blacklisted search rankings as well as a steep cost to fix and restore your website.

Hexometer continually checks if your domain is blacklisted by the leading security authorities and keeps an eye on your security headers, SSL best practices, blacklisted IP’s as well as your homepage for malicious URLs.

Troubleshoot security issues by performing on-demand audits and monitor your progress through time.

Security monitoring

Software Integrations

Get alerts via email, Telegram, Discord, Slack Trello or integrate with 1000 apps via our Zapier, Integrately, SyncSpider or Pabbly Connect integrations