Hexometer has developed a Broken Links Repair Plugin, which disables your content broken links upon detection. You can enjoy this tool from now, just install the plugin and connect with your website monitored by Hexometer (you can find the verification code in the property settings page at dash.hexometer.com). The plugin will automatically disable detected broken links from your WordPress content until you will fix or change them manually.

It is important to understand that the 404 links (broken links in other words) are being disabled by the plugin but not fixed permanently, and you have to fix them anyway. Also, there are cases when the links will not be disabled due to other plugins installed or firewall settings.

Fast and Instant

WordPress Broken Links Repair Plugin will get the broken links list from your Hexometer dashboard and will disable (or “unlink”) them before the page will be loaded. So you will prevent the user to click on the bad links and see 404 pages.

Easy Setup and Use

See below the instruction on how to setup the WordPress Broken Links Repair Plugin to fix 404 links in your website content:

3 Simple Steps How to Fix Broken Links Automatically

Create Account

Create an account and add your website to the monitoring service.

Download broken links repair plugin

Download and Install the Broken Link Corrector Plugin on your WordPress website. Click to download Broken Links Repair Plugin

Activate broken links repair plugin

Verify the ownership of the website. Copy the verification code from the settings page dash.hexometer.com and paste it on Broken Links Repair Plugin page

Frequently Asked Questions