Website Hygiene

Poor website hygiene has become quite commonplace in today’s data-driven world: over time, on-page errors have a tendency to simply build up. Just like in the world of humans if you don’t do regular maintenance and cleaning of your digital assets, issues that start out the small compounds and create massive problems. Eventually, it becomes toxic to your online visibility and digital footprint.

In order to make sure your website has proper hygiene, you need to periodically scan and maintain the following: server uptime and website loading speed, HTTP response codes of the links, checking for missing files, presence in blacklists, DNS records, meta titles and descriptions, W3C validation, SSL certificate, and more.

Hexometer™ Website Health and Performance Monitoring Service

Hexometer monitoring service periodically scans over 2800 data points on your website to make sure your digital assets are in pristine condition. The monitoring service continuously checks your website and informs you in case of any erosion to its health. It will also give you tips and tricks on how to improve your website’s hygiene, ultimately improving your online visibility and performance. Start Free monitoring now!