Growing your business online is hard work. Ad costs keep rising, competition is growing and a mobile-first world means it's getting harder to keep the attention of your visitors.

In fact the average e-commerce website will see 98% of their visitors leave without purchasing.

eCommerce Website

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. What if a recent plugin or WordPress update breaks your website? What if a bug affects the mobile version of your ads landing pages? What if your hosting provider goes down or your pages start loading slowly during peak times?

To make matters worse, these types of broken user experiences can be device or location-specific, meaning they can linger unnoticed for months eating away at your ad budget and conversion rate.

Broken Links

The rules of paid ads and SEO keep changing too and keeping up with the latest Algo changes can be a full-time job. Now more than ever, technical issues, unoptimized metadata, crawling problems, low content quality metrics and recent security vulnerabilities can sabotage your marketing efforts and drive up your cost per acquisition costs.

This is why we created Hexometer.

Paid Ads and SEO

Unlike traditional uptime and page speed monitoring platforms that just tell you when your website is down, Hexometer is like having a team working 24/7, checking how every page of your website performs from different parts of the world using the different devices your customers are using.



Meet Hexometer, your AI sidekick that works 24/7 to catch problems before they affect your business.

Hexometer is AI sidekick to protect and grow eCommerce business

Our AI assistant combines website monitoring, error checking, page speed, user experience, vulnerability checking and landing page analysis to increase your sales and help fix problems before they burn a hole in your pocket.

In fact we check over 2800 data points, and the best part is that it only takes a minute to get started, no software or scripts required. Our platform works in the cloud and monitors your website 24/7 so you can focus on your business. #PeaceOfMind