Hexometer™ is a website Audit & Monitoring platform.

Who ultimately decides if your website is good or bad… the USER. Check how your website ranks according to Hexometer™. The Hexometer (HX) algorithm assigns each website a numeric value. That value is a particular website’s HX Rank calculated by a proprietary formula using public data about the domain name, the website's technical parameters and structure. Install Hexometer's Google Chrome Extension or Firefox Addon to check HX Rank instantly.

Hexometer Tools will analyze and give you a report based on today’s market & user experience requirements. It will also benchmark your website against industry best practices; development tips and tricks included. Digital marketers, small business owners or anyone can use Hexometer™ to improve their website quality and digital reputation as well as their search engine ranking.

If you’re a marketeer or small business owner this solution is perfect to check what your competitor’s website is doing. What are they doing better than you and how can you compete?

Hexometer™ will find the shortcomings and glitches in your website content & architecture and bring it to your attention. In just minutes you will know whether your website meets industry standards and what you can do to improve your ranking.

If you are a digital marketeer or just a website owner this tool is for you. Start your audit now!